Empower Your Business: Taking Your Office Everywhere You Go With Office 365

There used to be a time when working and sharing files were strictly tied to a desktop computer. Now with cloud, business owners and employees have the capability to work almost anywhere in the world.

Microsoft launched Office 365 in 2011 and since then, there has been an influx of users across this platform. Why is that? Microsoft Word, Excel and Powerpoint still stands at the forefront of generating documents, invoices, and proposals. There are few products that come close to beating Microsoft’s Office Suite. In today’s digital world, the average user carries up to 3 connected devices and by utilizing Office 365, they can continue to be productive wherever they go.

Office 365 includes a collection of the best services Microsoft has to offer, all in one subscription model. At the heart it offers the entire Office Suite from Microsoft. This includes Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Outlook, Access, OneDrive, OneNote, just a name a few.

Always the latest versions, always updated on your devices; any user can install the Suite on up to 5 computers, 5 phones, and 5 tablets each. Not only that, but users can collaborate on the same documents, at the same time via Word Online, Excel Online, and Powerpoint Online. These are fully featured browser versions where users can work together seamlessly and quickly.

Also included in the Business Premium and Enterprise subscriptions is Exchange Email hosted directly by Microsoft. There is no need to worry about running servers or syncing emails across devices. Exchange has been a tried and true service for over a decade in even the biggest corporations. Email through Office 365 allows you to sync your email across all your computers using Outlook and mobile devices, automatically and securely.

Beyond the Office Suite and hosted Exchange Email, the Office 365 subscription includes a multitude of other business empowering applications. For more information see features here:


For those interested in trying all Office 365 has to offer, this link will provide a 30 day free trial of the Enterprise E3 Plan for 25 users, the highest enterprise subscription with all the bells and whistles. No credit card required.


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