Enhancing Public Sector Efficiency with Cutting-Edge IT Solutions

Kambrian empowers state and local governments with top-tier IT solutions, optimizing internal operations in the digital era. We specialize in maintaining and upgrading existing infrastructure, allowing public entities to focus more on efficient and effective public engagement. Partnering with leading IT brands, we source cutting-edge equipment to support public workers at the state, county, and municipality levels.

Kambrian actively conducts business with each government agency, thoroughly understanding its distinct procurement processes and IT requisites. Our commitment extends to providing comprehensive coverage across all 50 states and numerous local entities. Presently, Kambrian serves various states, including California, Illinois, and Texas, as well as counties such as Los Angeles, the City of Tampa, and New York City.


In addition, we extend our support to various city management agencies, encompassing Transportation (e.g., New York Transit Authority & San Diego Metropolitan Transit System), Ports (e.g., Massachusetts Port Authority), Airports (e.g., Los Angeles World Airports or Miami-Dade Aviation Department), and Utilities (e.g., Los Angeles Department of Water and Power).


To explore how Kambrian can effectively address the specific needs of your state or local agency, please reach out to Sales@Kambrian.com, and we will promptly redirect you to the appropriate regional-specific team inbox.

Discover the Kambrian Advantage

At Kambrian, we make strategic investments in State-Specific Contract Vehicles, enhancing your buying experience with the convenience of Sole-Source purchasing. Explore our current list of Contract Vehicles:

- California (CA): CMAS, SLP
- Texas (TX): DIR
- Ohio (OH): STS

Additionally, we are part of Multi-state and Cooperative Purchasing Contract Vehicles, including:

- NASPO Valuepoint
- NJPA/SourceWell
- OMNIA/NCPA Partners

Delve into our success stories:

- Case Study AL County
- Video Wall for LA County Metro
- LA County Transcore-Intelligent Transportation System

Kambrian specializes in providing tailored services to state, local, and education customers, holding certification as a small business with numerous agencies and actively pursuing additional registrations. Explore our current certifications by state: