Advances in information technology have revolutionized the way people learn and communicate. We recognize the power of technology and how it can empower individuals, enrich schools and provide students with an exceptional learning environment.

Here at Kambrian, we can help your organization maximize productivity, improve IT security and reliability, and manage your school’s finances more intently with technology that can deliver a cost-effective, engaging, and exciting learning environment. Our customizable solutions and affordable licensing options for education organizations help schools reduce costs, increase productivity and operational efficiency, reduce complexity, and keep sensitive student and teacher information safe. Leveraging the most current technology in the education sector positions schools and students to stand at the forefront of today’s society.

Kambrian is partnered with top IT brands to support the education sector and its current needs. For example, our company has obtained the VMware Academic Specialization, a specialization that distinguishes and rewards partners based on their expertise in the Academic marketplace. By partnering with OEMS, such as VMware, we are better focused on how to address and meet your organization’s unique needs. Today’s technological innovations are boundless and even with reduced budgets, we want to help you do more with less. Kambrian will help your organization build a strong and stable foundation- starting with technology.

Our IT Solutions:



Empowering schools and providing an engaging learning environment is critical for the K-12 sector. We want to enable students and schools with low-cost and creative technologies to help them learn, grow and develop efficiently. We understand the complexities of school technologies and can help your organization with product selection, implementation, and maintenance, among other services. As new technologies continue being developed, schools are faced with the challenge of keeping up with the learning demands of the 21st century. Technology’s impact on today’s society has been widespread and vastly monumental. Let us help your school reach its full technological capabilities today!

Some of our current K-12 customers include:

Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD)
Ventura County Office of Education (VCOE)
Oxnard Union High School District

Higher Education

The Higher Education sector is faced with a different set of challenges today – from larger student enrollments to professors hosting online classes, colleges and universities are standing at the forefront of technological change. Our products and services are aimed to help Higher Education simplify teaching, enhance research, reduce costs and gain widespread efficiency. We want to enable your organization to be the best research institution!

Some of our Higher Education customers include:

Northern Lakes College (NLC)
Grande Prairie Regional College (GPRC)