We help our customers obtain financing from various IT vendors or tech financing firms, which provide affordable, flexible and strategic financing programs to small and medium-sized customers. Both leasing and financing plans are available.

With customized payment plans, customers can expand their total IT spend while freeing up cash flow to get the IT they need now – including software, services such as deployment and customization, partner products and hardware – as one complete solution.

The benefits of financing include:

  • Stretching your budget: Financing provides more purchasing power to our customers to acquire the latest technology to help you stay competitive. Financing helps stretch budget dollars with monthly payments that are often lower than purchase installments.
  • Flexibility and customization: We can customize a program to meet your company’s individual needs. We offer a wide range of programs and options to meet specific cash flow requirements.
  • Conserving Capital: By financing, your company can retain your cash for investing in higher return opportunities.
  • Tax Benefits: With certain financing arrangements, leasing payments may be tax deductible and can be treated as a business expense. (Please consult your tax advisor for details.)
  • Budget predictability: Financing provides a fixed monthly payment. Your rate remains the same for the finance term, improving your ability to forecast costs accurately.
  • Guaranteed service level agreement (SLA)
  • No Money Down: Standard credit approval requires no money and no payment due for 30 days.
    For example, with Microsoft Financing, down payments are generally not required. Competitive interest rates are fixed, and terms range from two to five years. Payment are customized to meet your cash-flow needs with options such as monthly, quarterly, semi-annually structure as well as deferred, ramped, and skipped payment available. The process is fast and easy – with just a one page application and approval in 24 hours typically.

Call us to learn more about options meeting your unique needs!