Software as a Service

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The SaaS customers consume software, IT resources as a service and pay only for resources that they use. Software as a Service (SaaS) customers do not own the physical IT infrastructure, therefore, they avoid upfront capital expenditure on hardware, software, and services . Our customers are billed on a monthly basis for the software, IT resources they subscribe to. There are multiple benefits for the customers.

  • Low barriers to entry
  • Shared IT infrastructure and reduced IT costs
  • Low IT management overheads
  • Immediate access to a broad range of applications
  • Flexibility in terminating subscription contract at any time
  • Guaranteed service level agreement (SLA)

As companies across all industries face tough decisions about where to put their limited dollars, here are three key reasons why the hosted or “software as a service” (SaaS) model makes a great deal of sense.

  • Limited financing is available on IT spending due to tight credit market.
  • There is uncertain about the future and IT needs, so companies need flexibility in IT to accommodate potential growth or reduction.
  • Many companies have reduced IT staffing in a changing economy but the customers are still demanding the same level of service.

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