State & Local

Kambrian’s quality IT solutions enable state and local governments to streamline operations internally in the digital age, maintain and upgrade existing infrastructure, and engage the public more efficiently and effectively. Our company is partnered with large and niche IT brands to source IT equipment for public workers to excel at the state, county, and municipality level. Some of our IT solutions include virtualization, networking, security, cloud, and storage.

Kambrian works with each government agency to better understand its unique procurement processes and IT needs. Additionally, our qualified sales team provides strong contract management and technical support. We can streamline and consolidate the purchasing of IT equipment (hardware or software) across different departments of an organization to shorten the lead times for end users. Kambrian always offers competitive pricing and understands the budgetary needs of government agencies.

Some of our existing customers include State of the California Department of Public Health, County of Los Angeles, Orange County Fire Authority, and Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority, for example.

Kambrian is a certified Small Business Enterprise (SBE) with the State of California (DGS # 1109163) and Diverse Business Enterprise (DBE) through certifying agency Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority (Firm ID # 38745).

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